We are a team of future explorers.We work in a lean and agile consulting firm located in Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to make organizations ready for the future. We specialize in how new technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, are remaking the world of business and geopolitics.

"The next machine age is here. Coexisting With Robots™ is no longer an option."

— Aseem Prakash, NRC Live Robotization Event 2017, Netherlands

A network of future-ready leaders.An event for those who want to lead the future.An exclusive platform for clients.

Whether you’re leading a business, city, nation or tribe, you’ll need to rethink your role & responsibility in 2025 and beyond, especially when Coexisting With Robots™ and the Geopolitics of Technology will be business-as-usual.

CEO2025 is an exclusive event + platform +network providing you with thought leadership and actionable insights on how new technologies are remaking tomorrow.

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Whether you are a person, business, city or nation, we offer a range of services to help you innovate the future in the age of robotics, artificial intelligence and more.

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"Another point to think about is that if you have a humanoid robot sitting here, it will never be off... How do you secure that data, number one? And number two, what if it's a foreign government that has that data?"

— Abishur Prakash, Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, Canada

We have been monitoring the countries who are growing their geopolitical power through artificial intelligence. For these countries, AI is becoming the next currency. Here are the three leading AI-powers:

United States

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