We specialize in the future. But, not through armchair thinking. Instead, we produce results as follows:

  1. We define the future through data and turn unknown into known.
  2. We make tools and programs to set a new vision for the future.
  3. We build the DNA to PROFIT FROM THE FUTURE.

Areas of


Future of


We are building the big picture and maps of how technology is remaking geopolitics and globalization. Our focus is on identifying the next gen risks and opportunities for companies, cities and countries as technology is creating a new design of the world called the ‘vertical world’.

Abishur Prakash

A new era of globalization has begun.
Technology is making the world vertical.

Future of


We are defining the next world of business from a holistic point of view. Our focus is on the next big picture of business in 2025, 2030, 2035 and beyond. And, also in defining the next gen strategy framework and core capabilities that will maintain profitability and competitive advantage.

Aseem Prakash

The future is astonishingly radical.
Past is no longer a reliable guide.

We are focused on keeping you
one step ahead of the future and competition.

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