Speaking Engagements

Some of the places we have spoken.

We cut through the noise.

And, bring new vision and

thinking to every

public speaking project.



“Soon, killer robots will make decisions and humans will play catch up.” Abishur Prakash

“Prepare for artificial genes. Prepare for holographic humans.” Aseem Prakash


“Abishur is a provocative and powerful speaker. He shows audiences the new way, ideas, and maps of geopolitics in ways few can.”

Norbert Csizmadia, President, Board of Director of Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation, Hungary

“Aseem is a perfect person to lead leaders into the future with artificial intelligence.”

Kim Kampp, Chairman of the Board, Lederne, Founder House of Visions, Denmark

Whatever your event, we will astonish the audience.

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