A new era of business and geopolitics has begun.

Everything is on the line.

Yesterday, business and geopolitics followed established patterns. The fault lines were clear. The risks had precedent. Markets changed because of well-understood variables. Now, business and geopolitics have entered the twilight zone. Now, there is no certainty or predictability. The catalyst is emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. These technologies are remaking the world of business and geopolitics. As this happens, profits are being hijacked, new competitors are emerging and the paradigms and systems that have defined the world are being shattered.

What is happening?

— Humans are becoming “cyborgs”
— Societies are being run by algorithms
— Cities are now “mini nations”
— Businesses are calling the shots
— Countries are fighting for relevance

Who is being affected?

— Startups
— Multinationals
— Megacities
— Institutions
— Governments

What’s at stake?

— Marketshare
— Investments
— Ecosystems
— Talent
— Business Models


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